Chicken Society

About us

One day we had a thought. Whatever happened to the joy of the simple thing, done well?
So the Chicken Society was born.


The way we saw it, our mission was simple: to get back to spit roast basics. To those who may be inclined to overcook things, we say: no more!


Diners Diners
Diners ordering Diners ordering


The first rule about spit roasting chicken and duck is: There is nothing complicated about spit roasting chicken and duck. It’s just that there’s nobody out there doing it quite the way we do it. All it takes is a single-minded approach and a rare passion for roasting.


We get our BRITISH red tractor certified chickens and ducks in a row and marinade them for 24 hours in our special marinade. We then spit roast them until they’re golden and juicy and lean as can be.


The rest is simple. We serve them. You share them. And have a damn fine time doing it. Don’t stand on ceremony. Just reach out, tuck in, and taste. With a look that says best chicken you ever had.