The Chicken Society

With us, socialisers and poultry-loving party people rule the roost. So take your seat and join the Chicken Society. Whether you’re dipping in for a chicken quickie or settling in for a barnstorming banquet, you are going to be one happy camper.

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The Chicken Society was hatched from a simple idea: that if a chicken and duck is worth spit roasting, it’s worth spit roasting well. We’re just here because we know we’ve mastered the art of the spit roast and we want you to get together and enjoy what we do.



There’s nothing paltry about the way we serve our poultry. 
Chickens and ducks, marinated in our seasoning blend and spit roasted in their own juices until golden and gorgeous.



The restaurant with the best punchline ever to the perennial gag: 

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because we were on the other side. Simple.