It’s frickin’ good chicken how you like it, when you like it.
It’s after-work cocktails with a side of get-together grazing.
It’s silkily sauced thighs and slow-roast birds.
It’s dipping, nibbling, savouring, spit-roasting, toasting.
It’s taking the table, breaking the rules and making those sweet birds sing.

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New Food Menu

Scrumptious, succulent chicken bathed in buttermilk, spit roasted, southern fried or in a brioche bun…it’s just frickin’ good anyway you like it!

BUT there is more to Chicken Society than beautiful spit roast or southern fried birds. There are freshly prepared sweet and savoury waffles; moreish falafel wraps; superfood & houmous salads; crispy halloumi or boneless chicken breast soaked in buttermilk, southern fried and then tucked in a bun or rolled up in a wrap…


New Kids Menu

Naughty nachos, mighty mac & cheese or fiery fried chicken for our littlest of chicks. Enjoy a drink, main and side from just £6. Still peckish? Add a little chicks special dessert for £1.50.



Everything at Chicken Society is eat how you love, order how you like. So drop in and dwell, Deliveroo or call us on 020 8349 1453 & collect yourself to get a 10% discount

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Sip, swig and sway the night away with our cluckin awesome cocktails, sipping rums, sharing jugs, draught & craft ale.

Delicious food at the Chicken Society